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Schneider Acti 9 RCA
Schneider Acti 9 RCA

A key device in the Acti 9TM system, the Remote Control Auxillary (RCA) is perfect for remote installations where continuity of service and power availability are crucial. As part of city lighting installations or large industrial and infrastructure applications, the RCA enables remote opening and closing of MCBs (miniature circuit breakers) and remote control reseetting after tripping, without compromising efficiency and safety.


For continuity of service:

  • Remote reclose after trip
  • Bistable feature for immediate availability after power outages

For effective operations:

  • Circuit breaker remote opening and closing
  • Integrated OF and SD remote signalization


Simple and smart

For easy design:

  • Flexible control orders (latched or impulse; local or centralized)
  • Connects directly to PLC via Ti24 interface

For easy installation:

  • Quick, reliable connection to Acti 9 Smartlink via prefabricated cables
  • Scales easily to your application with two preconfigured models
  • Compatible with all Acti 9 auxiliaries
  • Prefabricated 24V connector for easy wiring

Completely safe

For the operator:

  • Front face Auto/OFF selector inhibitis RCA for safe maintenance
  • Integrated padlocking device
  • Transparent, sealable cover protects selector models (on Ti24 version)

For the installation:

  • Complete coordination with the Acti 9 MCBs
  • A/B selector prevents remote reclose after tip
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