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HAGER Enclosures & Distribution Boards
Icos Enclosures Surface mounting enclosure with hinged cover 1 row for 5, 8, 14 and 20 ❚ Supplied with: – plain/ transparent door for devices up to 61mm installation ...
HAGER Enclosures & Distribution Boards
Vector Enclosures Surface mounting enclosures with transparent doors 1 to 4 rows from 2 to 48 ❚, 1 to 3 rows from 18 to 54 ❚. Adjustable DIN rail for shoulder measurement 47 ...
HAGER Enclosures & Distribution Boards
Golf Flush Mounted Enclosures (VF series) VF108PMVF212PMVF218PM VF318PMVF418PM
HAGER Enclosures & Distribution Boards
Volta Flush Enclosures Flush mounting enclosures with doors 1-4 rows, 12-48 ❚ Enclosures manufactured from insulated material. Frame and door manufactured from metal. Reversible ...
HAGER Enclosures & Distribution Boards
IP40 surface mounting enclosures with transparent or plain doors; 1-4 rows 18 to 72 ❚ Enclosures are of an insulating material coloured white RAL 9010. Insulation Class II ...
HAGER Enclosures & Distribution Boards
HAGER Enclosures & Distribution Boards
SOCOMEC Load Break Switches
  Function - SIRCO M and MV are manually operated and modular multipolar load break switches. It’ s make and break under load conditions and provide safety isolation ...
DUCATI REGO Series Reactive Power Controllers
REGO Series Reactive Power Controllers Automatic reactive power control relays are microprocessor controlled systems that automatically manage capacitor banks to compensate for the ...
  NYA450/750 V Cu/PVC (Copper Conductor, PVC Insulated) Standard Specification: IEC60227-1 Application: For building wire installed in conduit in dry location and interwiring ...
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